Meet The Factory Team

What, Why, and Who?

You’ve watched the videos, you’ve seen it on our social media channels, and you may have even met some of them in person at LVO, but the question remains:
What is a factory team, why have we created it, and what will the members’ roles be?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the members and answer those questions.

Transparency and Support: The Heart of the Factory Team

The Army Painter Factory Team aims to create transparency in an industry where the curtain often remains drawn. As a company, we’ve always taken pride in being transparent with the organisations and individuals we sponsor. We’re quite proud of our relationships with the people who inspire, educate, and entertain our community.

With the Factory Team, we endeavour to improve and change how brands sponsor content creators, artists, and gamers in more transparent ways that are beneficial to the creators – and hopefully – the community. This approach counters the often-opaque sponsorships in the market.

We hope that our support will provide the members of the Factory team the resources to continue making the great content they and their followers love, as well as the space to explore new challenges in their respective fields.

Why Have We Created a Factory Team?

The goal and ambition of The Army Painter Factory Team is to inspire and motivate more people to get involved with and get into wargaming, painting miniatures, and playing tabletop games, irrespective of their preferred paint brand.

Also, we want to support these amazing painters, popular gamers, and hobby mentors so they can continue to elevate our industry, educate and entertain us, and create exciting and mind-blowing projects for you to enjoy and be inspired by. This partnership is an opportunity to do more, to bring new ideas and projects to life, and to contribute meaningfully to the community we all love.

Who are the Members of The Factory Team?

The four members of The Factory Team have been carefully selected. They’re individuals who embody our core values as representatives of the gaming and painting communities. They’re people we admire, who continue to inspire and entertain us, and whom we’re proud to support in the next stages of their hobby and painting journey.

Sam Lenz

Sam Lenz is a notable figure on the miniature painting scene and not just any painter! He is North America’s most award-winning miniature painter and will bring a wealth of amazing knowledge to The Factory Team.

Sam continues to push the boundaries of miniature painting, and his commitment to constant improvement and his experimental approach to painting is a goldmine for hobbyists looking to elevate their painting skills. He’s been doing this through his channel, sharing tutorials and informing his audience about the techniques and insights he’s gathered over the years.

Now, as part of The Factory Team, he’ll travel to events with us where he can share his passion and knowledge for the hobby even more, reaching people that he might not have been able to do on his own.

Sam’s aim is to inspire and influence hobbyists to reach new heights and pave the way for more artists to flourish in the hobby in the future.

Adam Loper of Tabletop Minions

Adam Loper, or Uncle Atom as he’s known (not a real uncle), of the hit YouTube channel Tabletop Minions, is everyone’s favourite hobby mentor. For over a decade, Adam’s been at the forefront of educating and encouraging newcomers into the wargaming and miniature painting hobby.

Both Adam and his channel are a treasure trove of knowledge, focusing on the ins and outs of getting started in the hobby. From selecting the right products to understanding painting techniques, Adam’s goal has always been to make these processes as clear and straightforward as possible, making his content valuable for both beginners, experienced painters, and hobbyists alike.

Adam’s primary aim is to reach a wider audience, bringing more people into the world of wargaming and miniature painting. He wants to make the hobby more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. His channel is all about demystifying the hobby, showing that it’s not as difficult as some people may think.

Eric Locke of Eric’s Hobby Workshop

Eric Locke, the creative force behind ”Eric’s Hobby Workshop”, specialises in scratch-built terrain, immersive environments, and other epic hobby challenges. His channel is a hub for enthusiasts interested in the crafting, painting, and modelling aspects of tabletop gaming.

Eric’s content typically includes tutorials on building and painting miniatures, creating custom terrains, and designing gaming dioramas. His work is characterised by creativity, attention to detail, and a DIY approach.

Eric’s Hobby Workshop is all about empowering people to be bold and creative, enabling them to craft their own ideas, try out new techniques, inspiring them through his own wonderful and wild creations. Eric hopes to reach even more hobbyists – either through his channel or in person at events – and to teach people how to create projects they can be proud of.

Phil the Glacial Geek

Phil Hall is a renowned Warhammer 40K player and content creator. He runs the channel “The Glacial Geek”, where he explores the hobby's many facets that bring enthusiasts joy.

Whether it’s his super fun and engaging battle reports or a video of him painting different models, his aim is to celebrate the source of joy that this hobby brings both him and the rest of the hobby community. Phil’s passion helps foster a sense of community amongst his viewers and followers.

As part of the Factory Team, Phil represents the gamer’s perspective, who values both the aesthetic and practical aspects of miniature painting. His painting has primarily been focused on achieving a tabletop quality that brings his armies to life.

For Phil, being part of this team is about pushing the boundaries of the hobby, encouraging exploration, and maximising the fun and enjoyment for all hobbyists. This vision aligns with his goals for “The Glacial Geek”, where he seeks to engage and support the community in meaningful ways.

A New Chapter in Miniature Painting and Wargaming

Together, these four individuals represent a diverse array of talents and approaches to the hobby. From Sam’s award-winning artistry and Adam’s mentorship to Eric’s creative challenges and Phil’s gaming enthusiasm, they each bring something unique to the table.

Their passion for the hobby and desire to advance it inspires new artists, builds an enjoyable community, and brings more people into the joyful world of miniature painting and wargaming. As we move forward, their journey will undoubtedly inspire, educate, and entertain hobbyists around the globe.

The Factory Team: Advocating Quality in Gaming and Hobby

While it may be easy to say that we’re paying people to say nice things, we don’t expect them to review our products. We only expect that they will use them to do great things, to empower and inspire fellow gamers and hobbyists, and to join us to engage with our fans and customers online and in person at events around the world.

With that being said, the four members of The Factory Team believe in The Army Painter’s products and purpose. Although each of the members represent a different part of the hobby and bring a unique perspective, they all converge on a common point: The Army Painter’s range significantly enhances the miniature painting experience, offering quality, versatility, and ease of use that appeal to both seasoned painters and newcomers alike.

A painter of Sam’s calibre or an experienced hobbyist such as Adam Loper wouldn’t have joined a program like The Factory Team if they didn’t believe in the products or thought the paints would hold them back. In fact, ranges such as the Speedpaint and Warpaints Fanatic will help them excel.

All four members of The Factory Team highlight how their beliefs and approaches to the Hobby aligns with those of The Army Painter: making the hobby more enjoyable, accessible, and community-oriented, while fostering a welcoming, innovative, and supportive environment.

Meet and Learn From The Factory Team

The Army Painter has an exciting lineup of events planned for 2024, including GAMA and the venerable Adepticon in March.

Various members of the Factory Team will be supporting us at these events, lending their enthusiasm, experience, and hobby know-how to what’s sure to be a great time. Stay tuned for the exact lineup at each event as well as the first news for which future events we will be attending.

Be sure to check out the Events section for all the latest news on upcoming events and seminars.