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Warpaints Fanatic: Washes Paint SetWarpaints Fanatic: Washes Paint Set
Quickshade Dip: Strong ToneQuickshade Dip: Strong Tone
Quickshade Dip: Strong Tone Sale price€24,99
Quickshade Dip: Dark ToneQuickshade Dip: Dark Tone
Quickshade Dip: Dark Tone Sale price€24,99
Quickshade Dip: Soft ToneQuickshade Dip: Soft Tone
Quickshade Dip: Soft Tone Sale price€24,99
Warpaints Washes: Mid BrownWarpaints Washes: Mid Brown
Warpaints Washes: Mid Brown Sale price€3,50
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Blue ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Blue Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Dark Blue ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Dark Blue Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Dark Red ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Dark Red Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Dark Skin ShadeWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Dark Skin Shade
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Magenta ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Magenta Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Green ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Green Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Dark ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Dark Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Light ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Light Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Orange ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Orange Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Red ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Red Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Purple ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Purple Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Military ShadeWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Military Shade
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Sepia ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Sepia Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Rust ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Rust Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Soft ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Soft Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Strong Skin ShadeWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Strong Skin Shade
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Strong ToneWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Strong Tone
Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Wash MediumWarpaints Fanatic Wash: Wash Medium


The original Quickshade Dip brought the age-old dipping method to the masses! This innovative product made miniature and army painting faster than ever and is the cornerstone of the Spray, Paint, Dip, Done method. Simply Colour Prime and basecoat your miniature, dip it into your Quickshade, shake, and voila! Or simply brush it on with a Wash. A perfectly shaded miniature is ready for the game table. Available as a Dip (can) and Wash (bottle) to perfectly compliment whatever colour you paint your army. 


The Quickshade range is designed to quickly create spectacular depth and shading for your miniatures. Whether you’re using our acrylic Quickshade Washes for brush-on application, or our game-changing Quickshade Dip – we have a solution to meet your needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge army to finish or just a few miniatures, our Quickshades offer miniature painters of all skill levels a chance to achieve realistic shading on their miniatures in no time at all!



Quickshade is designed to help you to add realism to your miniatures by adding shading. Simply apply your Quickshade over a basecoat and allow the deeper, darker pigments to flow over the raised areas and into the recesses. Those pigments add a perfect shading effect and rich contrast to your miniature.


Both Quickshade product lines make shading easy. However, they are designed to different applications, and they offer different techniques and approaches depending on your project goals: 


If you’re looking to finish a large collection of miniatures, such as a horde of monsters or an entire army, Quickshade Dip allows you to finish your models in record speeds. After priming your miniatures with our Colour Primer Spray, add your basecoats, then use the “dipping technique” by dipping your miniatures into the Quickshade Dip, shake off the excess, and – boom – your miniatures are ready for the game table.

Just allow 24hrs to dry and apply a coat of Anti-Shine Matt Varnish for best results. Quickshade Dip is available in three tones; Dark Tone, Strong Tone, and Soft Tone to suit a variety of army colours and styles.


Our Quickshade Washes are made with an acrylic, water-based formula and are best when applied with a brush for more controlled shading. These traditional washes can be mixed and matched and used in cooperation to achieve the perfect shade and contrast for your miniatures. Quickshade Washes are available in 13 tones that range from a rich black Dark Tone to a vibrant Purple Tone, and many shades in between.

Apply overtop of a basecoat and allow the darker pigments to flow over the raised areas and into the recesses. Immediately you’ll notice the details of your miniature begin to pop. Once dry, you can reinforce the shaded effect by adding highlights to the raised edges, leaving your Quickshade Wash in the recesses for an impressively simply, yet realistic result.