Warpaints Air

The Ultimate Airbrush Paint for Miniatures

Warpaints Air is the peak of airbrush paints and a line specifically designed for airbrushing miniatures. It features high-quality, ultra-filtered pigments to prevent common airbrush issues of clogging. This makes Warpaints Air the best airbrush paint choice for both beginners and seasoned painters.

Our innovative Colour Triad System ensures that you always have a corresponding Base and Highlight colour. This will save you time and energy mixing colours and make army painting even faster and more intuitive.


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Warpaints Air Starter SetWarpaints Air Starter Set
Warpaints Air Starter Set Sale price€39,99
Warpaints Air Mega SetWarpaints Air Mega Set
Warpaints Air Mega Set Sale price€155,00
Warpaints Air Complete SetWarpaints Air Complete Set
Warpaints Air Complete Set Sale price€325,00
Warpaints Air: Matt White Primer, 100 mlWarpaints Air: Matt White Primer, 100 ml
Warpaints Air: Matt Black Primer, 100 mlWarpaints Air: Matt Black Primer, 100 ml
Warpaints Air: Matt Grey Primer, 100 mlWarpaints Air: Matt Grey Primer, 100 ml
Warpaints Air: Gloss Varnish, 100 mlWarpaints Air: Gloss Varnish, 100 ml
Warpaints Air: Aegis Suit Satin Varnish, 100 mlWarpaints Air: Aegis Suit Satin Varnish, 100 ml
Warpaints Air: Anti-shine Varnish, 100 mlWarpaints Air: Anti-shine Varnish, 100 ml
Airbrush Cleaner, 100 mlAirbrush Cleaner, 100 ml
Airbrush Cleaner, 100 ml Sale price€6,50
Airbrush Medium, 100 mlAirbrush Medium, 100 ml
Airbrush Medium, 100 ml Sale price€6,50
Warpaints Air: Potion GreenWarpaints Air: Potion Green
Warpaints Air: Potion Green Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Talisman PurpleWarpaints Air: Talisman Purple
Warpaints Air: Fey PinkWarpaints Air: Fey Pink
Warpaints Air: Fey Pink Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Cosmic DustWarpaints Air: Cosmic Dust
Warpaints Air: Cosmic Dust Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Leviathan LightWarpaints Air: Leviathan Light
Warpaints Air: Hobgoblin HueWarpaints Air: Hobgoblin Hue
Warpaints Air: Canopy GreenWarpaints Air: Canopy Green
Warpaints Air: Canopy Green Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Feywild GlowWarpaints Air: Feywild Glow
Warpaints Air: Feywild Glow Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Psychic ShockWarpaints Air: Psychic Shock
Warpaints Air: Twilight SkyWarpaints Air: Twilight Sky
Warpaints Air: Twilight Sky Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Rebel RedWarpaints Air: Rebel Red
Warpaints Air: Rebel Red Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Phantasmal BlueWarpaints Air: Phantasmal Blue
Warpaints Air: Wildling FleshWarpaints Air: Wildling Flesh
Warpaints Air: Coven PurpleWarpaints Air: Coven Purple
Warpaints Air: Coven Purple Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Bleached BoneWarpaints Air: Bleached Bone
Warpaints Air: Cypress BrownWarpaints Air: Cypress Brown
Warpaints Air: Bullwhack BrownWarpaints Air: Bullwhack Brown
Warpaints Air: Viper BrownWarpaints Air: Viper Brown
Warpaints Air: Viper Brown Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Yellow DuneWarpaints Air: Yellow Dune
Warpaints Air: Yellow Dune Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Storm WolfWarpaints Air: Storm Wolf
Warpaints Air: Storm Wolf Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Cadre GreyWarpaints Air: Cadre Grey
Warpaints Air: Cadre Grey Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Consul BlueWarpaints Air: Consul Blue
Warpaints Air: Consul Blue Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Ionic BlueWarpaints Air: Ionic Blue
Warpaints Air: Ionic Blue Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Exile GreenWarpaints Air: Exile Green
Warpaints Air: Exile Green Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Feral GreenWarpaints Air: Feral Green
Warpaints Air: Feral Green Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Drab GreenWarpaints Air: Drab Green
Warpaints Air: Drab Green Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Bogey GreenWarpaints Air: Bogey Green
Warpaints Air: Bogey Green Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Zombie FleshWarpaints Air: Zombie Flesh
Warpaints Air: Zombie Flesh Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Imp YellowWarpaints Air: Imp Yellow
Warpaints Air: Imp Yellow Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Orange MagmaWarpaints Air: Orange Magma
Warpaints Air: Orange Magma Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Wyrmling RedWarpaints Air: Wyrmling Red
Warpaints Air: Wyrmling Red Sale price€3,25
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Warpaints Air: Archangel RedWarpaints Air: Archangel Red
Warpaints Air: Crow HueWarpaints Air: Crow Hue
Warpaints Air: Crow Hue Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Yeti WhiteWarpaints Air: Yeti White
Warpaints Air: Yeti White Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Ruinous SpellWarpaints Air: Ruinous Spell
Warpaints Air: Witchbane PlumWarpaints Air: Witchbane Plum
Warpaints Air: Fairy PinkWarpaints Air: Fairy Pink
Warpaints Air: Fairy Pink Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Meteor RockWarpaints Air: Meteor Rock
Warpaints Air: Meteor Rock Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Air: Hazardous SmogWarpaints Air: Hazardous Smog

Airbrush Paint for Miniatures Made Easy

Warpaints Air stands out as the most user-friendly miniature airbrush paint available. Developed with real miniature painters in mind and how they would airbrush miniatures, Warpaints Air utilise a Colour Triad system that includes a base, mid, and highlight tone to be applied in succession for each colour to achieve a cohesive colour gradient. 

Suitable for all levels of miniature painters, from professional artists to hobbyists just starting out with airbrushing, Warpaints Air is your go-to miniature airbrush paint for creating stunning, detailed artwork on a variety of miniatures.

Airbrush Paints in a Unique Colour Triad System

The Colour Triad system is a game-changer, eliminating the guesswork in colour selection. The Warpaints Air paints are ready to use straight from the bottle – you don’t need to thin the airbrush paint, simply shake, pour, and spray! 

Thanks to our pigment-dense, ultra-filtered formula, the airbrush paint is designed to prevent dry-tip and clogging while still providing vibrant saturation and smooth coverage. Each bottle includes stainless steel Mixing Balls, ensuring your paints are always easy to mix and prepare. 

Warpaints Air Boxes or Warpaints Air Singles?

With a vast spectrum of 126 colours across 34 Colour Triads, Warpaints Air offers something for every project. You can choose between boxed sets and individual bottles, allowing you to collect and customise your very own colour range tailored to your painting projects.

If you are a beginner or an experienced painter looking to expand your range of airbrush paints, the Warpaints Air Sets are the perfect choice. Are you looking to replenishing your collection or in need for a specific colour, our Warpaints Air single paints are what you need.

Whether you’re airbrushing individual miniatures or entire armies, Warpaints Air provides the perfect Colour Triad for making your work simple, enjoyable, and visually striking.