Warpaints Air


Warpaints Air is a specially formulated airbrush paint with ultra-filtered pigments
designed in our innovative Colour Triad system. Due to the pigment-dense formula, you can use the Warpaints Air airbrush paint straight from the bottle. No additional thinning is required, just shake, pour, and spray!

Whether you’re a seasoned painter or just starting out, Warpaints Air is your go-to solution for high-quality airbrushing. It’s the most user-friendly airbrush paint on the market and designed to provide painters and gamers with smooth even coverage for stunning, detailed results on a variety of miniatures.

Airbrush-ready paints straight from the bottle:

Due to the ultra-filtered pigment-dense formula, the Warpaints Air paints have the right consistency for your airbrush straight from the bottle with no thinning or diluting required. The formula also helps to prevent dry-tip and clogging.

Innovative Colour Triads

The Warpaints Air range is organised into matched Colour Triads. This makes for easy colour selection and matching, so you easily can achieve a cohesive colour gradient. Simply choose your triad and you have shadow, midtone, and highlight all laid out for you.

Warpaints Air is Non-Toxic

Due to its water-based formula, the Warpaints Air paints are non-toxic and safe to use.



The airbrush is a fantastic tool that helps painters achieve realistic shadows and highlighting cool effects, and very quickly! With our unique airbrush-ready formulation and simple-to-use Colour Triad system - airbrushing has never been easier! Follow along as we teach you how to get started with Warpaints Air.