At The Army Painter, speed painting is in our DNA. With Speedpaint, we have made miniature painting easier and faster! Simply apply one coat of this highly saturated and specially designed paint over your miniature and watch as vibrant colour, realistic shading, and easy highlights happen right before your eyes.

Speedpaint is for beginners and the paint of choice for experienced painters who want to get their miniatures painted and, on the tabletop, fast!


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Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0
Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0 Sale price€39,99
Speedpaint Metallics Set 2.0Speedpaint Metallics Set 2.0
Speedpaint Metallics Set 2.0 Sale price€42,99
Speedpaint Most Wanted Set 2.0Speedpaint Most Wanted Set 2.0
Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0 ComboSpeedpaint Mega Set 2.0 Combo
Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0 Combo Sale price€210,00
Speedpaint Wargamers Mega Paint SetSpeedpaint Wargamers Mega Paint Set
Speedpaint Complete Set 2.0Speedpaint Complete Set 2.0
Speedpaint Complete Set 2.0 Sale price€399,00
Save €56,00
Speedpaint Veteran Upgrade SetSpeedpaint Veteran Upgrade Set
Speedpaint Veteran Upgrade Set Sale price€224,00 Regular price€280,00
Save €31,00
Speedpaint 1.0: Mega Paint SetSpeedpaint 1.0: Mega Paint Set
Speedpaint 1.0: Mega Paint Set Sale price€58,99 Regular price€89,99
Speedpaint Medium 100 mlSpeedpaint Medium 100 ml
Speedpaint Medium 100 ml Sale price€21,99
Speedpaint MediumSpeedpaint Medium
Speedpaint Medium Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Grim BlackSpeedpaint: Grim Black
Speedpaint: Grim Black Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Gravelord GreySpeedpaint: Gravelord Grey
Speedpaint: Gravelord Grey Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Holy WhiteSpeedpaint: Holy White
Speedpaint: Holy White Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Crusader SkinSpeedpaint: Crusader Skin
Speedpaint: Crusader Skin Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Dark WoodSpeedpaint: Dark Wood
Speedpaint: Dark Wood Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Pallid BoneSpeedpaint: Pallid Bone
Speedpaint: Pallid Bone Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Absolution GreenSpeedpaint: Absolution Green
Speedpaint: Camo CloakSpeedpaint: Camo Cloak
Speedpaint: Camo Cloak Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Orc SkinSpeedpaint: Orc Skin
Speedpaint: Orc Skin Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Blood RedSpeedpaint: Blood Red
Speedpaint: Blood Red Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Malignant GreenSpeedpaint: Malignant Green
Speedpaint: Malignant Green Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Slaughter RedSpeedpaint: Slaughter Red
Speedpaint: Slaughter Red Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Zealot YellowSpeedpaint: Zealot Yellow
Speedpaint: Zealot Yellow Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Magic BlueSpeedpaint: Magic Blue
Speedpaint: Magic Blue Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Runic GreySpeedpaint: Runic Grey
Speedpaint: Runic Grey Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Highlord BlueSpeedpaint: Highlord Blue
Speedpaint: Highlord Blue Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Fire Giant OrangeSpeedpaint: Fire Giant Orange
Speedpaint: Plasmatic BoltSpeedpaint: Plasmatic Bolt
Speedpaint: Plasmatic Bolt Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Hive Dweller PurpleSpeedpaint: Hive Dweller Purple
Speedpaint: Sand GolemSpeedpaint: Sand Golem
Speedpaint: Sand Golem Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Purple AlchemySpeedpaint: Purple Alchemy
Speedpaint: Purple Alchemy Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Cloudburst BlueSpeedpaint: Cloudburst Blue
Speedpaint: Cloudburst Blue Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Hardened LeatherSpeedpaint: Hardened Leather
Speedpaint: Battleship GreySpeedpaint: Battleship Grey
Speedpaint: Battleship Grey Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Burnt MossSpeedpaint: Burnt Moss
Speedpaint: Burnt Moss Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Occultist CloakSpeedpaint: Occultist Cloak
Speedpaint: Occultist Cloak Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Hoplite GoldSpeedpaint: Hoplite Gold
Speedpaint: Hoplite Gold Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Talos BronzeSpeedpaint: Talos Bronze
Speedpaint: Talos Bronze Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Broadsword SilverSpeedpaint: Broadsword Silver
Speedpaint: Ashen StoneSpeedpaint: Ashen Stone
Speedpaint: Ashen Stone Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Purple SwarmSpeedpaint: Purple Swarm
Speedpaint: Purple Swarm Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Familiar PinkSpeedpaint: Familiar Pink
Speedpaint: Familiar Pink Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Moody MauveSpeedpaint: Moody Mauve
Speedpaint: Moody Mauve Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Moonlake CoralSpeedpaint: Moonlake Coral
Speedpaint: Moonlake Coral Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Periwinkle PurpleSpeedpaint: Periwinkle Purple
Speedpaint: Aged HideSpeedpaint: Aged Hide
Speedpaint: Aged Hide Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Peachy FleshSpeedpaint: Peachy Flesh
Speedpaint: Peachy Flesh Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Goddess GlowSpeedpaint: Goddess Glow
Speedpaint: Goddess Glow Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Bony MatterSpeedpaint: Bony Matter
Speedpaint: Bony Matter Sale price€4,25
Speedpaint: Desolate BrownSpeedpaint: Desolate Brown
Speedpaint: Desolate Brown Sale price€4,25


From the creative minds of The Army Painter paint wizards comes the revolutionary all-in-one Speedpaint, a true one-coat painting solution for any painter who would like to win back those hours at the hobby desk and Get More Time for Gaming!

Simply apply one rich coat of Speedpaint directly over a primed miniature, and you are done!


Once dry, your Speedpaint will offer you vibrantsaturation and smooth coverage, while the darker pigments flow into the recesses for a rich contrasting shadow, and the paint works away from the hardest edges for a simple highlight effect.

Designed to offer consistent flow across all colours, professional painters, and everyday hobbyists alike benefit from how fast and simple Speedpaints are to use.

Before using Speedpaints, we recommend priming your miniatures with Colour Primer Matt White to achieve the most vibrant results. However, you can also experiment with other Colour Primers like Necrotic Flesh, Skeleton Bone, or Gun Metal to achieve other cool effects.

Much like a wash, Speedpaints have slightly prolonged dry times, allowing the deeper pigments to work into the recesses. If you want to speed up your drying time, you can use a blow dryer.

A hard palette is also recommended with Speedpaints, as the intense pigmentation may stain your Wet Palette foam.

Developed with a comprehensive selection of 89 colours and a Medium for thinning your Speedpaint, you are sure to find the perfect colour for any miniature painting project from this range. When it comes to miniature paints, no paint is faster or easier to use than Speedpaint!