Warpaints Fanatic is HERE, and it has taken the hobby community by storm!

The high-performance range of premium acrylic paints has unparalleled coverage, intense pigmentation, and smooth application. It is easy enough for a beginner to use, fast enough for a gamer, yet capable enough for the best painters in the world.

Get your hands on any of the 216 paints you have been drooling over and dreaming about, either through your local gaming store or directly from our web shop.



Be one of the lucky winners of the very popular Warpaints Fanatic Mega Paint Set

We’re giving away a Warpaints Fanatic Mega Paint Set (value: €175) every month, and you’ve got a unique chance to be one of the lucky winners! This set allows you to create highly realistic armour and weaponry, skin tones, and terrifying hordes of miniatures. Overall, with the Mega Paint Set it is easy for you to achieve fantastic and realistic results, taking your projects to the next level!

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