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Elevate Your Miniatures with Basing Materials

One of the things that is key to creating the most realistic and convincing mini is the miniature’s base! And if you truly want to take it to the next level, basing materials are must-haves. By using basing materials, you not only complete the look, but also add details and elevate the theme of the miniature.

Our Battlefields range offers you a vast selection of basing materials, including an extensive selection of textures and materials. From rocky terrain to lust, grassy fields, you have almost unlimited options to make your pieces stand out.


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Battlefields Basing SetBattlefields Basing Set
Battlefields Basing Set Sale price€18,99
Battlefield Basing: GlueBattlefield Basing: Glue
Battlefield Basing: Glue Sale price€5,25
Woodland TuftWoodland Tuft
Woodland Tuft Sale price€5,99
Swamp TuftSwamp Tuft
Swamp Tuft Sale price€5,99
Highland TuftHighland Tuft
Highland Tuft Sale price€5,99
Winter TuftWinter Tuft
Winter Tuft Sale price€5,99
Frozen TuftFrozen Tuft
Frozen Tuft Sale price€5,99
Wasteland TuftWasteland Tuft
Wasteland Tuft Sale price€5,99
Mountain TuftMountain Tuft
Mountain Tuft Sale price€5,99
Jungle TuftJungle Tuft
Jungle Tuft Sale price€5,99
Scorched TuftScorched Tuft
Scorched Tuft Sale price€5,99
Deadland TuftDeadland Tuft
Deadland Tuft Sale price€5,99
Meadow Flowers TuftMeadow Flowers Tuft
Meadow Flowers Tuft Sale price€5,99
Lowland Shrubs TuftLowland Shrubs Tuft
Lowland Shrubs Tuft Sale price€5,99
Battlefield Basing: SnowBattlefield Basing: Snow
Battlefield Basing: Snow Sale price€5,99
Battlefield Basing: Grass GreenBattlefield Basing: Grass Green
Battlefield Basing: Field GrassBattlefield Basing: Field Grass
Battlefield Basing: Steppe GrassBattlefield Basing: Steppe Grass
Battlefield Basing: Summer UndergrowthBattlefield Basing: Summer Undergrowth
Battlefield Basing: Battlefield RocksBattlefield Basing: Battlefield Rocks
Battlefield Basing: Battlefield RazorwireBattlefield Basing: Battlefield Razorwire
Battlefield Basing: Brown BattlegroundBattlefield Basing: Brown Battleground

Make Your Miniatures Stand Out with Basing Materials

Your miniature’s base plays an important role in the overall presentation of your army and so, the choices you make about basing materials for miniatures not only impact the individual miniature but also the entire army. The base is as crucial to your miniature army as the figures themselves, especially when displayed on the tabletop, where the bases are among the first details noticed by your opponent.  

One way to tie your army together, make it look coherent, and tell a thematic story is by using consistent basing materials across the army. Use battlefield basing and terrain basing to highlight details and further underline the theme the miniature is set in. This really elevates the experience and makes your painting job pop even more.

Basing Materials and Tufts for Miniatures

Our miniature basing materials come in two forms: basing and tufts. These two types greatly complement each other. Both Basing and Tufts are very versatile in their look, depending on how you use them. When you combine different tufts and basing, you can create anything and everything from a simple wasteland to a complicated forest scenery. 

High-Quality Battlefield Basing Materials Made to Last

Use Basing to cover your miniature’s base and create textured surfaces. You can keep it simple with one type of basing, mix several into one or divide the base into sections, each with the different basing. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours.

Battlefield Basing materials are high-quality and durable, designed to withstand the wear and tear of frequent handling and use, ensuring that your miniature models look great for years to come. They come in a variety of colours, textures, and sizes, making it easy to customise your models to suit your specific needs. Start by applying Battlefield: Basing Glue and then apply the basing material to the surface you want to texture. Shake off any excess material, and you are done!

Use Tufts to Add Realistic Vegetation to Your Models or Scenery

The Army Painter tufts are specially designed to replicate actual vegetation for a more realistic feel and look. With 12 different styles and colours of tufts in our range, you are sure to find the perfect match for your terrain basing needs. They are made with a self-adhesive backing, making them easy to apply directly to the miniature base or terrain. However, we always recommend applying them with our Battlefield: Basing Glue or Super Glue for a stronger bond and higher durability against wear and tear.

Creative Freedom with Miniature Basing Materials and Tufts

Together, our miniature basing materials and tufts provide you with a lot of creative freedom. You can combine and alter them in so many ways and create thousands of looks and feels.

A great way to customise your base is to use both Battlefield Basing materials and tufts. If you want to create a simple, yet effective snowy base, for example, you can start by covering the base with Battlefield Basing: Snow, add patches of Winter Tuft and coat the tips of your tufts with a little bit of Battlefield Basing: Glue and sprinkle Battlefield Basing: Snow onto the tips – you have now created the look of new fallen snow, easy and simple as that. 

The possibilities are endless on how you can combine and mix and match basing & tufts with different styles and colours.