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Explore our Wide Selection of Paint Sets for Miniature Painting

Are you starting a new miniature paint job? Are you new to the hobby of miniature painting? Or are you looking to stock up your existing miniature paint arsenal? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Below, you can find all our miniature paint sets, from our Warpaints Fanatic paint sets and Speedpaint collections to our industry leading Warpaints air paint sets and GameMaster ranges. They have all been meticulously designed to give you the absolute best value for money.


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Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0
Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0 Sale price€39,99
Speedpaint Metallics Set 2.0Speedpaint Metallics Set 2.0
Speedpaint Metallics Set 2.0 Sale price€42,99
Speedpaint Most Wanted Set 2.0Speedpaint Most Wanted Set 2.0
Save €31,00
Speedpaint 1.0: Mega Paint SetSpeedpaint 1.0: Mega Paint Set
Speedpaint 1.0: Mega Paint Set Sale price€58,99 Regular price€89,99
Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0 ComboSpeedpaint Mega Set 2.0 Combo
Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0 Combo Sale price€210,00
Speedpaint Wargamers Mega Paint SetSpeedpaint Wargamers Mega Paint Set
Speedpaint Complete Set 2.0Speedpaint Complete Set 2.0
Speedpaint Complete Set 2.0 Sale price€399,00
Save €56,00
Speedpaint Veteran Upgrade SetSpeedpaint Veteran Upgrade Set
Speedpaint Veteran Upgrade Set Sale price€224,00 Regular price€280,00
D&D Monsters Paint SetD&D Monsters Paint Set
D&D Monsters Paint Set Sale price€97,99
D&D Underdark Paint SetD&D Underdark Paint Set
D&D Underdark Paint Set Sale price€29,99
Gamemaster Wilderness Adventures Paint SetGamemaster Wilderness Adventures Paint Set
Gamemaster: Wandering Monsters Paint SetGamemaster: Wandering Monsters Paint Set
Warpaints Air Starter SetWarpaints Air Starter Set
Warpaints Air Starter Set Sale price€39,99
Warpaints Air Mega SetWarpaints Air Mega Set
Warpaints Air Mega Set Sale price€155,00
Warpaints Air Complete SetWarpaints Air Complete Set
Warpaints Air Complete Set Sale price€325,00
Zombicide 2nd Edition Paint SetZombicide 2nd Edition Paint Set
Zombicide Black Plague Paint SetZombicide Black Plague Paint Set
Zombicide Green Horde Paint SetZombicide Green Horde Paint Set
Zombicide Invader Paint SetZombicide Invader Paint Set
Zombicide Invader Paint Set Sale price€29,99
Warpaints Fanatic: Washes Paint SetWarpaints Fanatic: Washes Paint Set
Warpaints Fanatic: Metallics SetWarpaints Fanatic: Metallics Set
D&D Adventurers Paint SetD&D Adventurers Paint Set
D&D Adventurers Paint Set Sale price€29,99
D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments BundleD&D Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments Bundle
Warpaints Fanatic: Mega SetWarpaints Fanatic: Mega Set
Warpaints Fanatic: Mega Set Sale price€175,00
Warpaints Fanatic Most Wanted Set - ComboWarpaints Fanatic Most Wanted Set - Combo
Warpaints Fanatic: Starter SetWarpaints Fanatic: Starter Set

Best Paint Sets for Miniature Painting

Whether you’re looking for paint for your Warhammer 40K army, Dungeons & Dragons monsters, or Stormtroopers from Star Wars: Legion, our different miniature paint sets have everything you need to bring your miniatures to life.

They are available in a wide range of colours and for different painting techniques, from airbrush paint to traditional acrylic paint. 

Miniature Paint Sets for Every Need

Our paint sets for miniature painting have been designed to cater to all your needs, whether you are a beginner painter or a seasoned pro. Ranging from Starter Sets for beginners to comprehensive Mega sets and Complete Sets for experienced miniature painters, you’ll find options that offer great value for money, no matter your budget or skill level.

Warpaints Fanatic, Speedpaint, or Airbrush Paint Sets? 

All paints from The Army Painter are high-quality, pigment-rich paints formulated to provide excellent coverage, no matter what the painting technique you use.

Are you unsure which miniature paint set to choose? It all comes down to personal preferences, what you are painting, and how you are painting it.

If you are starting out with miniature painting, want versatility, and the broadest range of possibilities for various techniques such as dry brushing and glazing, then the Warpaints Fanatic sets are the choice for you.

If you want quick and effective results with a user-friendly one-coat paint that creates rich shading, vibrant saturation, and an easy highlight simultaneously, then the Speedpaint sets are your go-to paint set.

If you are looking for high-quality airbrush-ready paints, working on large areas, need smooth gradients, or want to apply primers and basecoats quickly, then the Warpaints Air airbrush sets are what you need.