Elevate Your Gaming With D&D Miniature Painting

The official Dungeons & Dragons paints and brushes offer a vast collection of colours, designed to bring your D&D miniatures to life at the gaming table. We have poured countless hours, painstakingly matching paints to match the many varied (and indeed colourful) heroes, creatures, and monsters inhabiting the D&D universe.

The D&D paint range consists of 66 paints and are available in 4 boxed sets to match your D&D miniature painting needs. Each D&D paint set also includes a FREE Dungeons & Dragons miniature!


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D&D Adventurers Paint SetD&D Adventurers Paint Set
D&D Adventurers Paint Set Sale price€29,99
D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments BundleD&D Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments Bundle
D&D Monsters Paint SetD&D Monsters Paint Set
D&D Monsters Paint Set Sale price€97,99
D&D Underdark Paint SetD&D Underdark Paint Set
D&D Underdark Paint Set Sale price€29,99
D&D: Purple WormD&D: Purple Worm
D&D: Purple Worm Sale price€2,25
D&D: Succubus RedD&D: Succubus Red
D&D: Succubus Red Sale price€2,25
D&D: Faerzress PurpleD&D: Faerzress Purple
D&D: Faerzress Purple Sale price€2,25
D&D: Underdark GreyD&D: Underdark Grey
D&D: Underdark Grey Sale price€2,25
D&D: Stirge TanD&D: Stirge Tan
D&D: Stirge Tan Sale price€2,25
D&D: Lich BlueD&D: Lich Blue
D&D: Lich Blue Sale price€2,25
D&D: Cold FleshD&D: Cold Flesh
D&D: Cold Flesh Sale price€2,25
D&D: Ethereal SpecterD&D: Ethereal Specter
D&D: Ethereal Specter Sale price€2,25
D&D: Drakolich ScalesD&D: Drakolich Scales
D&D: Drakolich Scales Sale price€2,25
D&D: Ghoul GreyD&D: Ghoul Grey
D&D: Ghoul Grey Sale price€2,25
D&D: Cursed BladeD&D: Cursed Blade
D&D: Cursed Blade Sale price€2,25

Find the Perfect Shades for Your D&D Miniatures with Our D&D Paint

Are you looking to add some colour to your Dungeons & Dragons miniatures and game? Look no further than The Army Painter’s range of D&D paints. Our Dungeons & Dragons paints are your go-to paints as they have been specifically formulated for use on miniatures and thus let you bring your favourite D&D characters and creatures to life with stunning detail and vibrant colour.

Explore a Wide Range of D&D Paint Sets

Whether you are preparing your first D&D miniature or an experienced D&D gamer, our D&D Paint sets include a wide range of colours and shades, making it easy to find the perfect match for your characters and creatures. From the ferocity of dragons to the valour of paladins, our paint sets for D&D miniatures have everything you need.

Many of the D&D colours are designed and made to match some of our Warpaints range. If you are looking to restock single paints, have a look at our D&D Colour Comparison Chart to find the paint you need. For unique shades, our single bottle D&D paint range offers straightforward repurchase options.

High-Quality and Versatile Paint for D&D Miniatures

The D&D paints are versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces like metal, plastic, and resin. This makes them suitable for other miniature figures and models than just those from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. As the D&D paints stem from the same formulation as the Warpaints range, they have high-quality pigments, vibrancy, and great coverage.

So, elevate your Dungeons & Dragons gaming experience today with The Army Painter’s top-of-the-line D&D paint and D&D paint sets. They have been designed for gamers at all levels in mind and ensures that you can transform your D&D miniatures into breathtaking, lifelike figures that indeed will impress your fellow players.

Shop now to find the perfect D&D miniature paint set for your next adventure!