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GameMaster: Adventure Starter Role-playing Paint Set ComboGameMaster: Adventure Starter Role-playing Paint Set Combo
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Gamemaster Wilderness Adventures Paint SetGamemaster Wilderness Adventures Paint Set
Gamemaster Wilderness Adventures Paint Set Sale price€39,99 Regular price€49,99
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Gamemaster: Wandering Monsters Paint SetGamemaster: Wandering Monsters Paint Set
Gamemaster: Wandering Monsters Paint Set Sale price€39,99 Regular price€49,99
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GameMaster Terrain Kit: Wilderness & WoodlandsGameMaster Terrain Kit: Wilderness & Woodlands
GameMaster Terrain Kit: Wilderness & Woodlands Sale price€31,99 Regular price€39,99
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GameMaster Terrain Kit: Desert & Arid WastesGameMaster Terrain Kit: Desert & Arid Wastes
GameMaster Terrain Kit: Desert & Arid Wastes Sale price€31,99 Regular price€39,99
Gamemaster Character Brush SetGamemaster Character Brush Set
GameMaster Terrain: Brush KitGameMaster Terrain: Brush Kit
GameMaster Terrain Primer: Desert & Arid WastesGameMaster Terrain Primer: Desert & Arid Wastes
GameMaster Terrain Primer: Snow & TundraGameMaster Terrain Primer: Snow & Tundra
GameMaster Terrain Primer: Ruins & CliffsGameMaster Terrain Primer: Ruins & Cliffs
GameMaster Terrain Primer: Wilderness & WoodlandsGameMaster Terrain Primer: Wilderness & Woodlands
GameMaster: Hot wire foam cutterGameMaster: Hot wire foam cutter


Endless hours of adventure await! Whether descending into murky caverns or trading the pass of ancient mines, the GAMEMASTER range allows you to create any setting for your roleplaying party.

Both fun and extremely easy to use, our GAMEMASTER range has everything you need to build terrain or dungeon tile systems for your RPG, skirmish, or tabletop game. Whether you do it on your own or with a party, designing your custom gaming terrain will surely enhance your gaming experience!


The Gamemaster range is made for all hobbyists and miniature painters of all levels. Whether you want to assemble and paint miniatures or build complex terrain and scenic pieces, the Gamemaster range covers it all. Designed to be easy-to-use and efficient, the Gamemaster paint and terrain kits are guaranteed to deliver you hours of creative fun.

High-quality snap-fit miniatures

The miniatures found inside the Gamemaster paint sets are easy-to-build for even the most novice adventurer, thanks to the clever Snap-Fit design. Assemble with plastic glue or without, and in a moment, your miniatures will be ready for their first coat of primer, then paint, and boom - you’re ready to play! The miniatures are highly detailed and are made of hard plastic, so you know they are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear.


Versatile and explorative terrain kits of all sizes

Our terrain building kits are great for newcomers in the terrain building universe. Take, for example, our large GameMaster Dungeons & Cavern Core Set. Here, you’ll find all the tools needed to create everything from simple to super detailed and complex terrain.

Only your imagination is the limit, and if you need a little bit of creative help, an easy how-to guide is provided in the kit to help you along your way.

This range is perfect for you to explore your terrain building skills, and what is more, there are plenty of tools and materials for you to share the experience with friends and family. And if you are looking for smaller and more manageable terrain kits, we recommend going through our four Gamemaster terrain kits, each designed for a specific theme, so it is quick and easy for you to get started right away.