While it is true that The Army Painter was built upon the hobby of miniature painting – and many of us are passionate tabletop gaming nerds – it’s also true that not everyone at The Army Painter is a painter or gamer. But, one thing we all have in common is passion. Some are passionate about gardening, knitting, or cars; while others are passionate about fitness, movies, or anime. A lot of the creativity and drive within the company comes from our people and their hobbies at home, and this is one of the things that makes The Army Painter a great workplace.


Upon receiving job applications and relevant applications, the material will be sent to our Human Resources department and the relevant Manager for the defined role. Job applications and CVs are shared internally with people of relevance in the recruitment process. They may be shared with external consultants if applicable. They will not be disclosed to colleagues or consultants that are not directly involved in the recruitment process. The application and CV will be saved for a period of six (6) months, after which time it will be deleted. If the application and CV is saved for more than six (6) months, special consent is obtained from the candidate.


Financial Assistant

Financial Assistant

Har du lyst til at arbejde med alle sider af et regnskab i en international virksomhed, der sælger til både B2B og B2C hele verden? Og har du lyst til at være med til at øge finansfunktionens værdi...

Purchaser med ansvar for operationelt indkøb

Purchaser med ansvar for operationelt indkøb

The Army Painter i Skanderborg er en prisvindende virksomhed, der fremstiller speciallavet maling til brætspilsfigurer. Vores mangeårige vækst fortsætter, og derfor udvider vi vores indkøbsteam. Vi...

If there are no job openings, but you are still interested in working at The Army Painter, we invite you to please send a short resume and a cover letter describing your career aspirations and why you think you would be a fit with our company. Your approach will be treated with absolute discretion. The application will be saved in our database for six months. The database is confidential and can only be accessed by our Human Resources department. If you wish to remove your application, contact HR at any time to have your application deleted from our database.

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We, at The Army Painter, LOVE to celebrate and support our people as we truly believe that our people are the heart of the company. We take a lot of pride in further educating and nurturing our passionate employees as we believe it will build a strong connection throughout the company, but also the output will be greater as we all strive for the same goal. We love sharing our passions across departments and love spending time together both in- and -outside of office hours. We are highly professional but we also love to have fun and with a company build upon creativity and playfulness – a day in The Army Painter is never dull.