The Army Painter Warpaints range feature our heavily-pigmented formulation for intense colour and saturation. A 100% colour match to our Colour Primer range, they are perfect for painting highly-detailed miniatures. The range is compiled of 124 paints in our spill-proof 18ml dropper bottles enable you to administer the exact amount of paint you need and prevent your paints from drying out. When it comes to quality and coverage – Warpaints are the best in the hobby industry!


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Warpaints: Skin Tones Paint SetWarpaints: Skin Tones Paint Set
Gamemaster: Character Paint SetGamemaster: Character Paint Set
Gamemaster Wilderness Adventures Paint SetGamemaster Wilderness Adventures Paint Set
Gamemaster: Wandering Monsters Paint SetGamemaster: Wandering Monsters Paint Set
Zombicide 2nd Edition Paint SetZombicide 2nd Edition Paint Set
Zombicide Black Plague Paint SetZombicide Black Plague Paint Set
Zombicide Green Horde Paint SetZombicide Green Horde Paint Set
Zombicide Invader Paint SetZombicide Invader Paint Set
Zombicide Invader Paint Set Sale price€29,99
Warpaints: Matt BlackWarpaints: Matt Black
Warpaints: Matt Black Sale price€3,25
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Warpaints Effect: Anti-Shine Matt VarnishWarpaints Effect: Anti-Shine Matt Varnish
Warpaints: Pure RedWarpaints: Pure Red
Warpaints: Pure Red Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Dragon RedWarpaints: Dragon Red
Warpaints: Dragon Red Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Lava OrangeWarpaints: Lava Orange
Warpaints: Lava Orange Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Necrotic FleshWarpaints: Necrotic Flesh
Warpaints: Necrotic Flesh Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: GreenskinWarpaints: Greenskin
Warpaints: Greenskin Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Electric BlueWarpaints: Electric Blue
Warpaints: Electric Blue Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Ultramarine BlueWarpaints: Ultramarine Blue
Warpaints: Ultramarine Blue Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Deep BlueWarpaints: Deep Blue
Warpaints: Deep Blue Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Wolf GreyWarpaints: Wolf Grey
Warpaints: Wolf Grey Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Uniform GreyWarpaints: Uniform Grey
Warpaints: Uniform Grey Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Desert YellowWarpaints: Desert Yellow
Warpaints: Desert Yellow Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Oak BrownWarpaints: Oak Brown
Warpaints: Oak Brown Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Skeleton BoneWarpaints: Skeleton Bone
Warpaints: Skeleton Bone Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Barbarian FleshWarpaints: Barbarian Flesh
Warpaints: Barbarian Flesh Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Tanned FleshWarpaints: Tanned Flesh
Warpaints: Tanned Flesh Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Alien PurpleWarpaints: Alien Purple
Warpaints: Alien Purple Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Metallics: Shining SilverWarpaints Metallics: Shining Silver
Warpaints Metallics: Gun MetalWarpaints Metallics: Gun Metal
Warpaints Metallics: Greedy GoldWarpaints Metallics: Greedy Gold
Warpaints Metallics: Weapon BronzeWarpaints Metallics: Weapon Bronze
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Warpaints Washes: Dark ToneWarpaints Washes: Dark Tone
Warpaints Washes: Dark Tone Sale price€3,50
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Warpaints Washes: Red ToneWarpaints Washes: Red Tone
Warpaints Washes: Red Tone Sale price€3,50
Warpaints Washes: Purple ToneWarpaints Washes: Purple Tone
Warpaints Washes: Green ToneWarpaints Washes: Green Tone
Warpaints: Chaotic RedWarpaints: Chaotic Red
Warpaints: Chaotic Red Sale price€3,25
Warpaints Washes: Flesh WashWarpaints Washes: Flesh Wash
Warpaints Metallics: Bright GoldWarpaints Metallics: Bright Gold
Warpaints: Hydra TurquoiseWarpaints: Hydra Turquoise
Warpaints: Hydra Turquoise Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Abomination GoreWarpaints: Abomination Gore
Warpaints: Abomination Gore Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Arid EarthWarpaints: Arid Earth
Warpaints: Arid Earth Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Banshee BrownWarpaints: Banshee Brown
Warpaints: Banshee Brown Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Babe BlondeWarpaints: Babe Blonde
Warpaints: Babe Blonde Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Basilisk BrownWarpaints: Basilisk Brown
Warpaints: Basilisk Brown Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Brainmatter BeigeWarpaints: Brainmatter Beige
Warpaints: Centaur SkinWarpaints: Centaur Skin
Warpaints: Centaur Skin Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Combat FatiguesWarpaints: Combat Fatigues
Warpaints: Combat Fatigues Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Commando GreenWarpaints: Commando Green
Warpaints: Commando Green Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Castle GreyWarpaints: Castle Grey
Warpaints: Castle Grey Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Corpse PaleWarpaints: Corpse Pale
Warpaints: Corpse Pale Sale price€3,25
Warpaints: Crusted SoreWarpaints: Crusted Sore
Warpaints: Crusted Sore Sale price€3,25


Warpaints are categorized with a simple coloured lid system so you can quickly recognize which type of paint is inside. Our standard Warpaints and Effects range feature a white lid. Red lids signify our line of Quickshade Washes, which create spectacular depth and shading for your miniatures. Black lids are our range of Metallic Warpaints, with a vibrantly shimmering metal shine. Our Warpaints are unique as they are designed with our 100% Colour Match system. Choose between boxed sets or customize your own colour palette through our selection of single bottles. 



Warpaint is an industry-leading and affordably priced miniature paint, made using high-quality pigments with excellent consistency and opacity. Specially designed for miniature painting, Warpaints offer optimal coverage for base coating, layering, and highlighting while offering fantastic blending capabilities and thinning options for very experienced painters.

Some of our Warpaints are 100% colour matched to the Colour Primer and Warpaint Air of the same name which makes touch-ups easy if you’ve missed any of those hard-to-reach details on the model or happen to paint “outside the lines.” 


Simply shake the bottle for 30 seconds, squeeze out a bit of paint to check the consistency and if the paint has been mixed evenly, then load up your brush and you’re ready to begin painting. Apply your paint in several thin coats to avoid obscuring any details and to achieve smooth coverage. To get the most out of your Warpaints, we recommend using our Wet Palette as it is designed to keep your paint perfectly preserved during and in-between painting sessions.