The Army Painter Does Vegas

The Army Painter Does Vegas

The 2024 Las Vegas Open has come and gone, and what an event it was! The Army Painter was there in force, with our very own booth in the exhibitor hall, several painting seminars, player representation in the 40k Champs and Friendly, and the debut of both our Events Team and Factory Team. Whew, that’s a lot to cover, and that’s not even mentioning the public debut of Warpaints Fanatic for fans to test out!


Adam Playing 40K


The weekend long celebration of everything tabletop kicked off with our very own Adam Abramowicz playing the very first game of the 40K Champs on the livestream against fellow hobby veteran Thomas “Goatboy” Reidy from Bell of Lost Souls. We not only love our paints here at The Army Painter, but many of us are avid gamers as well. There’s a reason our motto is “Get More Time for Gaming” after all.


Kat and Sam at the booth


Whilst Adam was rolling dice in the gaming hall, our amazing Events Team, led by the dynamic duo of Kat and Caleb of CK Studios fame, were rocking along in the exhibitor hall, demoing the new Warpaints Fanatic range to a veritable horde of fans eager to get a taste of the future of miniature painting. (Not actually tasting it though. We don’t recommend eating the paint.) They weren’t alone as LVO also marked the public debut of 3 of our 4 Factory Team members. Sam Lenz, Adam Loper, and Phil Hall were all present and added their unique mix of expertise to the event experience.


Caleb's Combat Patrols


We even had two Combat Patrols of Warhammer 40,000 painted up by Caleb with a mix of Fanatic, Air, and Speedpaint and ready to play at our booth. Everyone loves a painted mini, but a whole collection of painted minis on a table full of terrain, having their fates decided by the fickle whims of the dice gods. Nothing better.


Sam at the Booth


Our painting seminars led by Sam and Caleb were also a smash hit, with dozens of people attending them over the three-day span. Space was limited and the slots filled up quickly, as hobbyists eagerly sought out the expertise of the pair of painting professionals. We had classes ranging from airbrushing (a specialty of Caleb’s) to speed painting, to competition level techniques with North America’s winningest painter, Sam.


Adam Teaching


This is just the start of our 2024 event plan, with plenty more to come. Next up is that most storied of wargaming events, the legend of the Windy City, the shining jewel of the mid-west, Adepticon in March! We’ll have plenty more news in the weeks ahead about what to expect there. From what seminars we’ll be running, to who you can expect to be manning the booth, rolling dice, and chasing down Dipit between the gaming tables. For all your event news and more, be sure to check back here, under the Events tab, and keep an eye on our social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and X (or Twitter as most people call it).

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