Colour Primer


Our Colour Primer spray is a combination of a primer and a base coat in one.
We have developed a formula that works specifically well on metal, plastic, and resin miniatures. The Colour Primers leave a perfect matt finish, so paint adheres better than the standard sprays on the market. Featuring ultra-fine, heavily pigmented paint, and a specially-designed nozzle – The Army Painter Colour Primers ensure that you get excellent coverage without obscuring the fine details on your miniature.

Save time at the hobby desk and Get More Time for Gaming with our Colour Primers. Instead of applying a base coat by hand, simply pick the Colour Primer that covers the most dominant colour on your miniature or army and spray away.

Why use a Colour Primer?

Priming is an essential first step in miniature painting that prepares the model for painting, enhances the durability of the paint job, and ensures the best possible adherence and appearance of the paints applied on top of it.

Let the Primer do the work

The more you can let the spray do the hard work the faster your army will be complete. Steeds in particular are a good example of where you could use different colours and save time compared to basecoating with a brush. Glue the models together with Super Glue once dry. Here is just one example of this, but the possible combinations are endless.

Always a perfect match

Our 2-in-1 Colour Primer Sprays save loads of time because they allow you to prime and basecoat your models – or entire armies – in one step. Unique to our Colour Primers is that they are all a 100% colour match to the Warpaints Fanatic™ of the same name. This makes touch-ups easy if you’ve missed any of those hard-to-reach details on the model or happen to paint “outside the lines.”



Our range of Colour Primers offers a wide selection of 30 colours to choose between.

So, which colour to choose? This depends on your specific project and the effects you want to achieve!

Our recommendation is to choose the colour primer that matches or is as close as possible to the overall basecolour on your model. For instance, use a green primer for models that will be mostly green. Matching the primer to this colour can save time and provide a cohesive base.


Matt Black

The Matt Black Primer is the best black spray on the market. It is great for creating a darker, more shadowy appearance. It is excellent for models with predominantly dark or metallic colour schemes and for a more somber tone.

Uniform Grey Primer

The Uniform Grey Primer has a grey tone and offers a neutral starting point. The Grey primer is a versatile option that works well as the base for many different colour schemes. It provides a neutral middle ground, not influencing colours too strongly in either direction, thus suitable for a wide range of projects.

Matt White

The Matt White Primer is perfect for all paint jobs and paint types, especially if you want to achieve brighter and more vibrant colours using Speedpaint as the white primer makes the colours pop and appear more vivid.