Meet The Army Painter’s US Team

Meet The Army Painter’s US Team

From Skanderborg to the US

While The Army Painter’s roots are firmly planted in the beautiful landscapes of Denmark – Skanderborg, to be precise – our US team continues to grow, and now consists of four talented people.

This team, though miles apart from our Danish headquarters, is integral to our mission of delivering excellence and innovation in everything we do.


Adam Abramowicz​​​​ The Army Painter

Adam Abramowicz - Tactical Marketing Executive

Adam: I began my career with The Army Painter in 2017 as our Media Director.

Back then, my job was to help establish our online presence and community engagement through social media, sponsorships, events, and promotions. I also helped in the creation of educational tutorial videos sharing my passion for painting and helping to demystify techniques for painters of all skill levels.

Today, I still do many of those things, but now as the Tactical Marketing Executive, I've grown from being the visual voice and face of The Army Painter on camera, to ensuring that our voice and narrative are consistent throughout the company from new product conception to release while leading an insanely talented department of creative professionals to develop new products and bring their story to the world - all in a continued pursuit to become the industry's most trusted paint and accessory brand.


Kat Jackson - Events Operations & Community Manager

Kat: In 2023, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime when I was asked to join the amazing team here at The Army Painter.

For over a decade prior to that, I traveled the world bringing creative experiences to hobby enthusiasts and artists, via my expansive work with my studio partner at CK Studios. Joining forces with our team here, has opened the door to expanding on this passion, allowing me the opportunity to reach more people in more creative ways.

Event programs are a unique function in a proactive marketing department - we are incredibly interactive, social, experience driven, and we bring the message and the product directly to our target audience. I enjoy every aspect of this process, immensely - from coordinating to program management, team building, and of course, the memory building experiences of meeting our fans and followers in person at each event.

It is an immensely special kind of personal experience to represent my team when I am in the field at events - I have the honor of bringing a tangible experience to the work they are fiercely dedicated to 'behind the scenes' every day.

I am excited to expand our reach, meet new people, and be at as many events as we can throughout the year.


Tyler Mengel - Social Media Specialist

Tyler: I’ve been painting minis for around 25 years now, and during that time I've won two Golden Demon awards, as well as several best painted army awards at various events including Adepticon, and many smaller and regional competitions.

I’ve run my own blog, Mengel Miniatures, and its accompanying social media accounts for close to 10 years, where I was primarily known for my painting tutorials, a format I'm particularly fond of creating. Sharing and teaching how I paint miniatures is a passion of mine, and I absolutely love seeing other hobbyists use my tutorials on their own collections. I was even invited to create painting tutorials for Games Workshop for 5 years with my From the Mind of Mengel series.

I joined The Army Painter in 2023 as their Social Media Specialist and I have already leapt into creating tutorials with both the Tips from the Painting Desk series on our social media, and The Army Painter Academy series on our new blog, both of which will continue to expand. I absolutely love the Speedpaint and Warpaints Fanatic ranges and I'm getting ready to start dipping my toes into airbrushing with the Warpaints Air range, a painting technique I don’t have a whole ton of experience with but I'm excited to try!

The Army Painter team is wonderful and just filled with the most passionate and enthusiastic people. I’m truly lucky to work with such a great team and to get to help share my passion of miniature painting with a company that embodies the best aspects of this hobby. 


Caleb Wissenback - Event Specialist

Caleb: I've has been painting miniatures for almost 15 years now. I began competitively painting in 2010 and managed to win a few Golden Demons and Crystal Brushes along the way. 

I also worked as a commission painter in my spare time. My armies have won best of show at many tournament events and my work has also been featured in White Dwarf. More of my work can be found on Cool Mini or Not and Putty and Paint under the username CK Studios. In 2016, I teamed up with Kat to found CK Studios and began teaching Classes across the US, Canada and into Europe. 

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