Pre-order the Warpaints Fanatic Starter, Washes, and Metallics set today!

Pre-order the Warpaints Fanatic Starter, Washes, and Metallics set today!

The Warpaints Fanatic box set collection continues to expand with the addition of the Starter, Washes, and Metallics sets! The Starter Set is the perfect place for beginners to get acquainted with the Warpaints Fanatic range and even includes a free miniature to paint, while the Washes and Metallics sets gather together 10 of the best-recommended paints from those ranges and are the perfect base to expand from.


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Warpaints Fanatic Starter Set


Pre-order Starter Set


The perfect Starter Paint Set for anyone just getting started in the miniature painting hobby. This set features the key colours needed for painting your gaming miniatures.

Starter Hexes


Inside you will find 11 paints in total with 7 colours, 2 metallic paints, a wash, and a Brush-On Primer.


Starter Set Contents


The set also includes a painting guide, Starter Brush and miniature – FREE!


Warpaints Fanatic Washes Paint Set


Pre-order Washes Set


Are you ready to take your models and miniature figures to the next level? To wow your opponents with impressive details and
realistic shading? Then look no further!


Washes Set Contents


With the Warpaints Fanatic Wash Set you get 10 of The Army Painter’s unique Washes that create perfect shading effect and colour toning to your models and miniature figures every time. The acrylic, water-based formula contains extra-heavy pigment that flows over the raised areas and into the recesses, bringing out all the figure’s nuances and intense shading in no time.


Washes Hexes


Inside the Warpaints Fanatic Wash Set, you will find 10 Washes in tones that range from a rich Dark Tone to a vibrant Dark Red Tone, and many shades in between. With this set, there is sure to be a colour or tone to meet the needs of your next project. And if not, our Washes are 100% mixable, making your go-to shading solution options endless!


Warpaints Fanatic Metallics Paint Set


Pre-order Metallics Set


Paint hordes of plate mail, powerful armor, and terrifying weaponry with this Metallic Paint Set! The new Fanatic Metallics utilize The Army Painter’s proprietary Acrylic flake. This advanced aluminum and mica alloy covers better and shimmers brighter than traditional metallics and it applies smoother with less texture.


Metallic Hexes


The set includes 10 of the best-recommended metallics from the range and makes for a great add-on for any hobbyists collection.

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