Which Warpaints Fanatic Box Should You Get?

How To Build Your Warpaints Fanatic Collection

The wait is finally over, and the full range of Warpaints Fanatic Boxes is now available (unless we have some secrets up our sleeves 😉).

With the different Fanatic Paint Sets to choose from, you may be wondering,

Which one should I get?”.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you! This blog post will cover the different boxes, explain their differences, and who the target group for the various boxes is and in addition we’ll show you how the boxed sets were developed to help you expand your Fanatic collection over time.

Let’s dive in.

How To Grow and Expand Your Fanatic Range

When you see the number of boxes we’re releasing, you might be thinking, “They only do that to get customers to purchase more.”

But that is certainly not the case! Because when we developed the Fanatic boxes and their contents, we had a clear vision in mind. We wanted to enable you to get as many paints as you want at the best price possible.

So, the boxes are all designed to work together and are developed in a way that makes it easy to add to your collection without purchasing duplicates. Most of the paints in the Fanatic Starter Set are also found in the Mega Set. The Most Wanted Set, on the other hand, features different colours than those found in the Starter Set and only limited duplicates with the Mega Set.

This means that you can easily level up and grow your own Warpaints Fanatic range.

Overview of Warpaints Fanatic Boxes

To help you get the full picture, here’s an overview of the Warpaints Fanatic Paint Sets and their contents:

Fanatic Starter


Fanatic Most Wanted


Fanatic Mega


Fanatic Complete


For the Beginner Painter:

Fanatic Starter

The Warpaints Fanatic Starter Paint Set is the perfect choice for the beginner painting, someone who is just starting out in the hobby, or if you want to get your Fanatic Collection started.

The Starter set features the essential colours needed for painting your gaming miniatures and creating beautiful tabletop-quality miniatures in no time:

  • 7 acrylic colours
  • 2 Metallic paints
  • 1 Wash
  • 1 Brush-On Primer

Also included for FREE is a miniature figure and a Starter Brush.


For the Collector:

Fanatic Most Wanted

The Warpaints Fanatic Most Wanted Paint Set is a great in-between whether you can’t quite afford the Mega or Complete Set but want more paints than the Starter Set offers.

In addition, this is the perfect set to add to your collection if you’ve already invested in the Starter or Mega Set as it contains different colours that complement your prior purchases with only limited duplicates with the Mega Set.

The Most Wanted Paint Set features 22 hand-selected, must-have colours from the Fanatic range: 16 acrylic colours, 2 Effect paints, 2 Metallic paints, 1 Brush-On Primer, and 1 versatile Wash. FREE Miniature included!


For the Dedicated Painter:

Fanatic Mega

Historically, our Mega Sets have always been the highest value offers and our best-selling paint set. And the Fanatic Mega Set is no exception!

The Mega set features a comprehensive range of 50 colours:

  • 40 acrylic colours
  • 3 Effect paints
  • 3 Metallic paints
  • 4 Washes
  • FREE Character Brush
  • FREE Paint Station.

The Paint Station makes it easier and more manageable to keep an overview of your paints as well as storing them in-between painting sessions. The Paint Station can hold all the 50 paints included in the Mega Paint Set.


For the Fanatic:

Fanatic Complete

The Warpaints Fanatic Complete Paint Set is the ultimate collection for even the most Fanatic painters.

The Complete Set truly lives up to its name. Inside, you will find everything you could every want and dream of when it comes to miniature painting, no matter the size of the miniature or wargaming system. It features every paint in the Fanatic range:

  • 162 acrylic colours
  • 18 Metallic Paints
  • 18 Effect paints
  • 18 Washes

In total 216 paints! Also included for FREE is 4 brushes:

  • Masterclass: Moderate Drybrush
  • Wargamer: Insane Detail
  • Wargamer: Regiment
  • Wargamer: Small Drybrush


Warpaints Fanatic Paint Sets for Every Painter

To sum up, the Warpaints Fanatic Collection offers a diverse range of meticulously curated paint sets that have been designed and developed to cater to everyone from beginner painters to the most dedicated fanatics of miniature painting.

Whether you’re just starting out with the essential colours of the Starter Set, seeking to enhance your range with the hand-selected favourites in the Most Wanted Set, aiming to significantly expand your collection with the comprehensive Mega Paint Set, or desiring to own the ultimate arsenal of miniature painting with the Complete Paint Set, there’s something for everyone!

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