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Warpaints Fanatic: Frost BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Frost Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Triumphant NavyWarpaints Fanatic: Triumphant Navy
Warpaints Fanatic: Gothic BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Gothic Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Ultramarine BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Ultramarine Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Alpha BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Alpha Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Baron BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Baron Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Augur BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Augur Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Imperial NavyWarpaints Fanatic: Imperial Navy
Warpaints Fanatic: Regal BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Regal Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Royal BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Royal Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Crystal BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Crystal Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Arctic GemWarpaints Fanatic: Arctic Gem
Warpaints Fanatic: Bright SapphireWarpaints Fanatic: Bright Sapphire
Warpaints Fanatic: Deep Ocean BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Deep Ocean Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Abyssal BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Abyssal Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Tidal BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Tidal Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Phalanx BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Phalanx Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Shieldwall BlueWarpaints Fanatic: Shieldwall Blue
Warpaints Fanatic: Aegis AquaWarpaints Fanatic: Aegis Aqua
Warpaints Fanatic: Deep AzureWarpaints Fanatic: Deep Azure
Warpaints Fanatic: Hydra TurquoiseWarpaints Fanatic: Hydra Turquoise
Warpaints Fanatic: Turquoise SirenWarpaints Fanatic: Turquoise Siren
Warpaints Fanatic: AquamarineWarpaints Fanatic: Aquamarine
Warpaints Fanatic: Neptune GlowWarpaints Fanatic: Neptune Glow
Warpaints Fanatic: Marine MistWarpaints Fanatic: Marine Mist
Warpaints Fanatic: Scarab GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Scarab Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Temple Gate TealWarpaints Fanatic: Temple Gate Teal
Warpaints Fanatic: Pharaoh GuardWarpaints Fanatic: Pharaoh Guard
Warpaints Fanatic: Talisman TealWarpaints Fanatic: Talisman Teal
Warpaints Fanatic: Aqua AlchemyWarpaints Fanatic: Aqua Alchemy
Warpaints Fanatic: Amulet AquaWarpaints Fanatic: Amulet Aqua
Warpaints Fanatic: Angel GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Angel Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Guardian GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Guardian Green
Warpaints Fanatic: GreenskinWarpaints Fanatic: Greenskin
Warpaints Fanatic: Eternal HuntWarpaints Fanatic: Eternal Hunt
Warpaints Fanatic: Wild GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Wild Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Ferocious GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Ferocious Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Emerald ForestWarpaints Fanatic: Emerald Forest
Warpaints Fanatic: Leafy GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Leafy Green
Warpaints Fanatic: RainforestWarpaints Fanatic: Rainforest
Warpaints Fanatic: Electric LimeWarpaints Fanatic: Electric Lime
Warpaints Fanatic: Vivid VoltWarpaints Fanatic: Vivid Volt
Warpaints Fanatic: AfterglowWarpaints Fanatic: Afterglow
Warpaints Fanatic: Evergreen FogWarpaints Fanatic: Evergreen Fog
Warpaints Fanatic: Medieval ForestWarpaints Fanatic: Medieval Forest
Warpaints Fanatic: Patagon PineWarpaints Fanatic: Patagon Pine
Warpaints Fanatic: Autumn SageWarpaints Fanatic: Autumn Sage
Warpaints Fanatic: Forest FaunWarpaints Fanatic: Forest Faun
Warpaints Fanatic: Mossy GreenWarpaints Fanatic: Mossy Green
Warpaints Fanatic: Woodland CamoWarpaints Fanatic: Woodland Camo


The quest for the ultimate palette of your dreams has never been easier. Browse the vast options of Warpaints Fanatic single paints, flexible triads, and paints sets and start building your Fanatic collection NOW.


Warpaints Fanatic is the new gold standard of miniature paint: it is a high-quality acrylic paint with an insanely pigment-dense formulation set in a premium resin base with proprietary stabilizers. This new design and formulation ensure intense pigmentation, unparalleled coverage, and smooth and easy application.

A paint range that is easy enough for a beginner to use, fast enough for a gamer, yet capable enough for the best painters in the world. Whether you are a gamer looking to quickly get your miniatures to tabletop quality, a dedicated hobbyist refining your techniques, or a professional painter creating your next masterpiece, Warpaints Fanatic offers the quality and performance you need.

How does the Warpaints Fanatic’s Flexible Triad System work?

The range of 216 paints in total includes 27 Flexible Colour Triads that makes colour selection easy, whether you are painting a historical, military, or sci-fi miniature.

The Flexible Colour Triad System is a segment of six colours that range from dark to light with a consistent hue. With this system, you can easily select paints to create natural colour progression on your mini.

The system builds upon the traditional triad system by introducing more versatility and adaptability in colour selection by expanding the conventional three colours to six. This gives you almost endless possibilities for putting colours together within the triad.

What about the original Warpaints range?

The original Warpaints range has been a staple for many hobbyists and gamers over the last decade. With the advancement in materials and technology, we were able to make a paint that performs like no other with Warpaints Fanatic. The original range will be phased out and ultimately replaced with the Fanatic paints, which will become the new standard for quality, performance, value, and availability.

Warpaints Fanatic still features our Colour Match System for staple colours such as Daemonic Yellow, Greenskin, and so on – other colours will have very similar representation within our Fanatic Flexible Triad System.