Fanatic Starter Set Knights - Painted by You!

Fanatic Starter Set Knights - Painted by You!

The Warpaints Fanatic Starter Set is the perfect place to begin your miniature painting journey. While we’ve had our own tutorial for the included miniature by Cephalofair Games and even had a self-proclaimed “total newbie” from our offices demonstrate how well the set works to complete said mini, we were eager to see what you, the hobbyists of the world, have done with it.

After searching the web, we’ve gathered just a few of our favourite renditions of this stoic knight to share here and see what their painter’s thought about the new Starter Set.


Gavin Schofield


Gavin Schofield


“The Starter Set mini was primed using the Brush-On Primer and painted using only the paints found in the new Warpaints Fanatic Starter Set as an excuse to try out the new paints. I also made sure to make use of every paint in the set!”


Janne Numminen @vanha_koira84


Janne Numminen


“I really enjoyed painting the starter mini. The composition and coverage of the new paints are truly phenomenal. I used the brush included in the Starter Box and a wet palette to paint it.

I am a total newbie in painting. I started my mini-painting journey roughly a year ago with the Speedpaint 2.0 set, and I was already in awe with how easy and fun it is to get really good-looking miniatures.

Now, armed with your Wet Palette and the new colours, I am confident in taking my traditional painting skills further.”


Barry Nixon


Barry Nixon


“After picking up the Starter Set on an impromptu visit to my local gaming store, I set myself the task of only using the paints in the Fanatic Starter Set, and I settled down for a relaxing couple of hours.

After a good shake, I dispensed the pants onto my Wet Palette and got to work. The paints all worked consistently, and I was able to easily mix them to get any additional colours I needed. Matt Black and Daemonic Yellow gave a nice olive green, which I could then build up using Greenskin and then mix in a small amount of Daemonic Yellow and Matt White to highlight it. Pure Red and Matt Black gave a dark enough base for the red, which I then highlighted by adding Daemonic Yellow and Matt White (a theme is emerging).

Overall, I really liked the paints and have already begun planning my next purchases. While I’m not the best painter by any stretch of the imagination, I’m more than happy with the result and am looking forward to many more hours of enjoyment using these paints.

TLDR-These are awesome, and I need to get more soon.”


Raymond Chandler @nomos42c


Raymond Chandler


“I was excited to try out the new Fanatic Starter Set. The paints worked exactly the way I hoped they would. They went on smooth and easy out of the bottle and worked well on a wet palette.

The best part for me is that the paint stayed where I wanted it, and I didn't have to fight it. It was a super fun project to work on, and I'm definitely a fan of these new paints.”


Warpaints Fanatic Starter Paint Set


Have you painted up your own knight from the Warpaints Fanatic Starter Set? Be sure to share it with us by tagging the finished pictures with #FanaticStarterSet!

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